Last night I went to go see We Barbarians over at the Echo in Echo Park.  I had discovered them when I saw them opening for Cold War Kids at the Glasshouse.  Great band and they have an incredible live sound.  Got to the venue just in time to see the last few songs from The Union Line.  
    LESANDS was up next.  I had only heard of them a few weeks ago when I saw them open for Foster the People and was quite impressed.  They changed up their set and kept the audience’s attention for the entire set, a tough feat now a days.  They have a free EP you can download off their site.  Needless to say they were great and led in well to the headliner We Barbarians.
    It takes a lot to blow me away musically but We Barbarians did just that.  Not only are they great musicians but their live sound it close to perfect.  I highly recommend checking them out live if you get the chance.
Tonight you can catch me at Origami Vinyl checking out Chasing Kings at 8pm

Happy Weekend…


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