We were privileged enough for the last two days to see one of our favorite bands, the Foo Fighters, at two secret shows in Los Angeles.
   We rocked both nights at the Roxy and Spaceland.  You could find us in the very front singing along to all the words and I have to say they put on one amazing performance.  Even as the crowd began to get tired they kept on going (and boy was it hot, especially at Spaceland).
   They kicked off the night by performing their new album in its entirety followed by nothing but the best of the Foos.  We got to sing along to some of our favorites including Monkey Wrench and Hey Johnny Park! 
   I hope everyone who went had as grand a time as we did.  Sorry to those we ran into while moshing. Just before I go I wanted to give everyone a quick reminder on some show etiquette.

– Please don’t wear giant hats inside… especially if you are already tall.
– If you are at the front at a rock show prepared to be thrown around.  If you’re ‘fragile’ stay in the back.
– If you are at a secret rock show please for the love of god rock the fuck out.  Don’t stand there with your arms crossed and a frown on your face. The band WANTS you to go crazy!  SO DO IT!

Rock n’ Roll!  Thanks Foos!


PS Here is a live video from Spaceland courtesy of Jason’s phone!

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